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Wessex Locksmiths has just celebrated 25 years of business, we are a small team of 4 with over 50 years experience in the Key cutting and locksmithing Industry. The company itself is approved by the Master Locksmiths Association and 2 of our locksmiths have qualified as Master Locksmiths, we all take pride in our work and we always go the extra mile to help the customer with their lock and key problems.

Insurance Rated
Fireproof Safes
Data Safes
Security Safes

Insurance Rated

We stock a small number of safes. This is because there are so many different quality and insurance rated ones. We stock small convenient safes, normally more of a strong box than a safe. But sometimes we have others like £2000 and £4000 cash rated ones.

Insurance grade safes by ratings.

A £1000 cash rated safe would allow £1000 cash or £10,000 jewellery

A £4000 cash rated safe would allow £4000 cash or £40,000 jewellery.

Fireproof & Data Safes

There are fire proof safes, cash safes and also Data safes available. Sometimes they can be a mixture of all 3. Data safes are normally needed for computer records or discs that need more insulation in case of fire. This is because Computer discs can be plastic and therefore melt at a lower temperature than paper combusts. If you have precious photos stored on disc or external hardrive , then it’s a good idea for a data safe.

The Personal Touch

Before purchasing a safe, always work out exactly what you would like to store in it. Passports, jewellery, credit cards, spare car keys and other precious items that will cost a lot of money to replace. Then take all these items and place them in pile. Measure the pile to determine the minimum amount of internal room needed to accommodate your items. The just to be safe, add a little more room. You will always find something else to go in, and you don’t want to be left with a safe that’s too small and you wishing for a bigger one.

What Happens Next

Once you have determined the internal size you would need, you then must look at where its going to go. An underfloor safe is ideal if you have the floor for 1 and your happy to be on your knees when you want to use it. But this sometimes makes people a bit lazy and then the freshly worn jewellery could end up on the bedside table for months

So now you have an internal size and hopefully several places 1 may fit. What then happens is you need to work out the value of the items to get the grade of safe required.

We are always happy to discuss these requirements and we can normally source booklets or information on different makes and models.

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We help businesses and residential customers alike!

Wessex Locksmiths deliver a true emergency locksmith service to both business and residential customers in Weymouth and surrounding areas. You can always rely on us, during business opening hours, we will be there to let you in.